How Levi + I met

Levi and I both grew up in Clarksville – I attended Clarksville High School and he attended North East High School. While we only went to school minutes from one another, ours paths did not cross until January of 2015 in statistics class at Austin Peay State University. After talking in class over the semester we ended up going on dates here and there and then on to dating not long after.


Levi always knew I did not want a public proposal, and he made sure to follow that. On August 26th 2017 – we went on what I thought was a normal date night. I could tell something was off with Levi, but had no idea what was coming. After dinner we headed back to the house, and walking into the door I noticed our dog Nellie had something tied around her neck. Me not thinking anything went and took off what was a sign without reading it, and turned around to Levi on a knee. I then read the sign that was on Nellie’s neck which said “Will you marry my dad?”. To say I was in shock was an understatement, and after standing their for what Levi said “ was the longest moments of his life” I said yes! I then found my best friend and maid of honor Emily hidden behind a wall taking pictures. Emily had also decorated the house in wedding attire and moments later both our of families showed up and celebrated us. It was the most simple yet perfect proposal I could have dreamt of.

Wedding Highlight 

The highlight of our wedding was how simple everything went throughout the day. I had always heard “something will go wrong on your wedding day, and that it will be alright” , but truly we had the most perfect and simple day. We can not thank everyone enough. From the Silo Event Center being the most beautiful location, J.Botanica for arranging the incredible flowers and decor, J. Photography for keeping everyone laughing and on schedule while taking photos. We truly had the wedding of our dreams!

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