Did you know that a solar eclipse is coming to the area August 21st? Kind of hard not to, at this point! The area is excited to host many folks traveling for the best view of this event.

What does that have to do with weddings? Well not much except at two points you’ll get to see a diamond ring! Known as Bailey’s Beads.

As the moon passes the sun the rugged terrain of the moon allows lighting to pass through in some places and not in others. The diamond effect happens when only one “bead” is left to shine through set in a bright ring around the moon.

Solar Eclipse 2017 - August 21st - Clarksville Brides

We can’t help but think of how awesome a proposal during this part of the eclipse would be! You have a couple of weeks to plan and pull this one off fellas!

Solar Eclipse 2017 - August 21st - Clarksville Brides

Please be careful during this event and wear proper eye protection! Also, be sure to check out the many local viewing events like the one hosted by our friends at Burdoc Farms!

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